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About Classic Menu
Classic Menu brings the functionality of the Classic Mac OS apple menu back to Mac OS X. It displays the files and folders in the Classic Menu Items folder and allows up to 10 levels of hierarchical menus for folder contents.

The menu items can also be grouped and ordered, together with separators.

Classic Menu Screenshot

The standard OS X apple menu remains accessible, either by clicking in a user-specified area of the apple icon or holding down a customizable modifier key.
Previous Winner, Mac OS X Utility, MacFixit Toolbox Awards
Unfortunately Classic Menu is no longer being actively developed. As a result, the source code is being made available below.

Download Classic Menu 2.8.1 (Universal) for Mac OS X (up to 10.14). Also available: Classic Menu 2.7.6.

Download the Classic Menu Source Code, for use with Apple Xcode. Open Source under the MIT License. A few files relating to purchasing have been removed.

For compatibility for OS X 10.15 or later, try Less Classic Menu by David A. Moon.

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Free license
Classic Menu is no longer being developed or sold, so here's a free license:

1. Ensure Classic Menu is currently running.
2. Select the entire block of data below.


3. Choose Copy from the Edit menu in your email program.
4. Choose Register... from the Classic Menu submenu in Classic Menu.
5. The code on the clipboard will be automatically installed.

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